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Join us on December 10th for the launch of طَـــبـــعـــاً ! TABAAN, our last event of the year, and purchase limited edition printed material that could be hung, framed, worn or gifted.

طَـــبـــعـــاً ! TABAAN is a pop-up print market organized by Waraq. A selection of local artist and designers will be selling their printed collections that were produced using Beit Waraq’s printing facilities.

طَـــبـــعـــاً ! TABAAN will launch on the 10th of December and will be running until the 17th of December at Beit Waraq.

طَـــبـــعـــاً ! TABAAN will be selling the works of:

Jana Traboulsi
Sahar Khraibani
Stereo Sisters (Rajwa & Karma Tohme)
Studio Kawakeb (David Habchy, Hussein Nakhal and Christina Skaf)


2:00PM – 7:00PM


12:00PM – 7:00PM

2:00PM – 7:00PM


Beit Waraq is a project initiated by Waraq in 2012. It is located in a residential neighborhood in Mazraa’, Beirut. It is a community space that actively promotes the art of illustration, printmaking, design and animation by allocating each of its rooms to one of these practices. The main room functions as a co-working space, with two office desks available for rent. The paper room is equipped with a variety of materials that allow artists to produce work that is paper-related. The animation room contains tools for puppet making and the basic equipment needed to execute an animation. The silkscreen printing room is set up to print on both paper and textile. Beit Waraq is also an incubator for visual arts studio, Studio Kawakeb.

Beit Waraq was funded by Hivos and Mideast Creatives.

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