This event has passed.

2018 Cosplay Competition

Attention all otakus and Japanese culture fans! We're back!
And we're bringing you the 2018 Cosplay Competition!

Grab your cosplays and join us on Saturday January 13th at T-Square Sodeko,
where you will be served authentic japanese meals, and compete with your fellow otakus
to win awesome prizes!

Event Schedule:

--> 2:00 Event starts
--> 3:00 Food is served
--> 5:00 Cosplayers get ready
--> 5:30 Competition starts

- Winners of the Cosplay Competition will receive vouchers
from the Lebanese Anime Corner Shop!

->1st Prize: LBP 50,000

->2nd & 3rd Prize: LBP 25,000

->4rth & 5th Prize: LBP 10,000

Entrance Fee: 20,000 LL
Competition Fee: 5,000 LL

Please send the name of the character you're cosplaying to this number 76/313704 so that we can accompany you
with some awesome background music!
And don't forget to click "Going" on Facebook!

Kindly contact 76/313704 for more info

We're looking forward to seeing all of you there!

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