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"A Play Entitled Sehsnsucht" زنزوخت - by Badran Roy Badran

Starting on 22 August 2019 at:
Vox BCC - Grand Cinema Achrafieh & Saida - The Palace Aresco Hamra - Stargate Zahle - Cinemall Dbayeh - Al Rabita Al Sakafia Tripoli - Rivoli Tyre

Studio Libanus is relaunching and distributing Badran Roy Badran's mesmerizing movie: "A Play Entitled Sehnsucht - زنزوخت" in cinemas all across Lebanon!

" This work was meant to be screened in cinema theaters only, I will not have it released on DVD or on any form of online distribution." BADRAN ROY BADRAN (Cannes 2012)

«زنزوخت» مسرحية داخل فيلم! فيلم مزعج يحاكي الدماغ، ويتعمق في اللاوعي

”The first abstract feature film in the Middle East”

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