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Acting Level A1 for Kids


Have you ever dreamed of being an actor? Performing on stage in front of hundreds and thousands? Standing in front of the cameras? This is your chance to acquire the skills needed to break into this field!
G&J Productions presents its new Acting Curriculum, tailored for kids aged between 8 and 13 years old, to help them achieve steps closer towards realizing their potential.
Acting level A1 is a general introduction to acting with emphasis on a lot of fun exercises.

Dates and timing:
This level consists of 10 sessions, extending over 3 months.
Fridays from 4 PM to 6 PM; starting Friday October 14, 2016 – Instructor: Jad Khater Jad Khater Actor/Official

Sessions breakdown:
Session 1: Discover the actor within
Meet and greet: ice-breaking exercises
The session aims to instill in burgeoning actors the key concept that to act is not to act at all. In addition, it seeks to make them comfortable in their own skin in order to channel the actor within

Session 2: Discover yourself as an individual actor and as a part of a team
Know yourself and what you are capable of to portray a character that is nothing like you

Session 3: Improvisation games
Get a taste of acting through fun improvisation games

Session 4: Script reading for actors
Guest speaker: Screenwriter Jad El Khoury is the internationally published Author of “The Jade Necklace” from the “Symphony of Dusk” series. Jad also has an upcoming movie “And Action” to be released in cinemas early 2017 and several plays on his portfolio, in addition to being a creative writing and screenwriting instructor as well as a copywriter.

Session 5: Script analysis for actors 1
How should actors think of a script and a story? How does that help them better portray their characters better?
Session 6: Introduction to the” three keys question” for an actor through acting games
Acting games: learn how to develop a character through acting games

Session 7: Character development 1
Discover actors’ most important tools; importance of voice, body and imagination

Session 8: Acting exercises employing space and time

Session 9: Acting exercises employing cause and purpose

Session 10: Acting presentation of your end of level project
Apply the 3 key concepts on the script previously given to you through improvisation.
Invite your parents to watch!

What’s next???
After finishing level A1, you can navigate through our curriculum levels A2, A3 and B1:

Level A2: Delve deeper into auto-critique, actors’ ethics and practical exercises. Use the skills you learned in A1 to gain more practical experience, play with your voice and start experiencing the actor’s life.

Level A3: Delve deeper into all things that shape characters. Operate as an actor on all platforms. Know the difference between the stage and the camera.

Level B1: Final production: Students will put together a play over a period of 3 months in collaboration with screenwriting students. The play will be presented on stage at the end of level C1. Students will have jobs both on stage and behind the scenes.


G&J Productions’ offices and working space: Jdeideh, Pierre Gemayel Blvd., Bambook Center, block A, 5th floor
Tel: 03-279441 / 03-487420

Please register using the following link:

Fees and Payment:
Fees for the 10 sessions are 500,000 LBP to be paid upon registration.
Payment over installments is available. Please contact us for more information regarding how to pay your fees over installments.

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