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Additional Souk El Tayeb in Saifi Village Saturdays afternoon:

As well as holding Souk El Tayeb in Beirut Souks every Saturday morning,
Souk el Tayeb is launching an additional weekly market with a new identity
that complements the Saturday morning Souk. It will take place in Saifi Village
every Saturday afternoon (4pm - 8pm).

Focused around ready-to-eat food, arts & crafts and entertainment activities
in general, it creates a new platform supporting local talents alongside the
farmers and producers, mixing together Beirut’s finest flavors & talents.

A pleasurable atmosphere to enjoy quality time at the heart of Beirut city.
This is not the regular Souk, this one is all around fun, arts, crafts, nibbles &
street food!

The launching date is on March 15, 2014 from 4pm till 8pm.