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With Mr. Eid Kanaan Atallah (Ph.D. Photographer)

Course description

This class is an introduction to digital photography emphasizing the technical and aesthetic issues and how these qualities inform image content.
The course includes applications of digital cameras, aspects of the digital medium, camera and computer equipment requirements, digital still camera, memory and file formats in digital still cameras, digital still camera lenses, proper exposure, light, color, and temperature, proper use of digital photography, lighting for digital stills, elements of composition, how composition in-forms content, photographic rendering,

By the end of the course, the student will understand how to:

It is the goal of this class to make each student competent in the conceptual, aesthetic and technical aspects of digital photography. Each student will be encouraged to use digital photography to develop a personal vision as evidenced in his or her final portfolio.
Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:
• Identify historical development of various photographic still mediums.
• Discuss the application of digital cameras in commercial, fine
• Explain the theoretical and mechanical aspects of digital photography.
• Analyze digital photography needs and determine what camera and computer equipment would be appropriate to meet those requirements.
• Identify the various digital still cameras and specifications.
• Identify various file formats and memory requirements in digital cameras.
• Discuss various digital still camera lenses and lens specifications.
• Demonstrate competencies with manually operated amateur and professional digital cameras, including proper use of basic functions such as aperture, shutter speeds, and light meter.
• Describe the principles behind the use of the elements of light, color, and temperature.

Prerequisites: Basic Photography
Cost: 375 USD
Places are limited, Early booking is highly recommended
Call FAPA – Fine Art Photography Academy: 71-011977
Zalka, Starbucks bldg. 5th floor