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AERIAL YOGA KICK (Tuesdays 6pm)
Taught by Danielle Abisaab, this Aerial Yoga class is designed to revolutionize your regular yoga practice by decompressing your joints, taking your spine to new lengths and discovering a new relationship to air and earth. Invert safely, experience weightlessness, increase spine extension, find the child inside and swing your brains out with fun and laughter, all made possible by a sexy silk hammock hanging from the ceiling. A vigorous and fun charged vitamin supplement to your regular yoga practice. Exclusively found at Union Square Yoga

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Caters to people with a desire to let go and face their fears while having loads of fun. Some Yoga experience preferred.

Taught by Danielle Abisaab, this class is a softer, subtler and more restorative aerial practice using the hammock as a prop. This class is mainly focused on gentle and supported back bending, awakening the hip girdle through gyro kinetic movements and indulging in a never experienced before floating meditation. You will leave feeling high as a kite.

Caters perfectly well to people with spinal injuries or any type of physical restrictions. Will also attract lazy bums and investigative minds or tired yogis in need of a wicked chill. All levels welcome.

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Owner of Union Square Yoga, Danielle Abisaab is a NYC “ISHTA” certified yoga teacher. She completed her training under the tutorship of Alan Finger creator of the ISHTA method (Integrated science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda) in 2002 in New York City and has been teaching with great enthusiasm ever since. She has been blessed with the grace of many great teachers and was given the gift of practicing extensively with Jivamukti yoga school founders Sharon Gannon and David Life as well as many of the senior teachers, she has attended workshops with Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman, Mark Whitwell, Rod Stryker, Cindy Lee, Gary Kraftsow, Desiree Rumbaugh to name a few. She is forever grateful to have crossed the path of these lovely beings for they are present in her teachings at all times.

In 2005, Danielle moved from her favorite city in the world to Lebanon for the sole purpose of teaching yoga. Living in a challenging part of the world, she draws teachings from her everyday life as a way to grow spiritually. She strongly believes we are all teachers, we are all students, we are all one and therefore thanks her lovely students for being a great source of inspiration, they make the expansion of her spirit possible; they are her gurus.

Constantly seeking for ways to improve her teaching skills, she travels regularly back to NYC to study with her beloved teachers and has accumulated over 400 hours in continuing education over the course of the past 8 years. In January 2012, she successfully completed a Teacher training in Unnata Aerial Yoga (a form of yoga performed in a silk hammock) with founder Michelle Dortignac, and now has a “license to hang”. Highly seduced by this new technique and wanting to delve further and deeper, she also followed an Anti Gravity Restorative Yoga course in August 2012 and is working her way towards her certification.

Her overall mission whether rooting down or lifting off, is to inspire confidence and self-acceptance through caring and compassionate teaching methods, to create a safe and nurturing environment dedicated to helping each student find personal success in their yoga practice and realizing their true Self by incorporating the rigorous flowing poses of Vinyasa yoga along with the careful alignment method of Hatha yoga. Her challenging classes are a medley of various yoga methods (Vinyasa, Jivamukti and Ishta) providing a free flowing experience to the uplifting sounds of pop and rock. Her classes seamlessly incorporate asana, pranayama, meditation, spiritual talks, and chanting allowing the student the experience of yoga as a holistic discipline. She does all that never forgetting to inject humor and love in the mix.

Danielle’s wildest dream and hope is for every human on this planet to discover the magic of yoga one day.