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We are glad to invite you to our soft hike on Sunday October 18 in Afka village on the top mountains of Jbeil where we will follow the Phoenicians’ road they used like these days on their way back from bachus festivities in the temple of Baalbek the same road is used in these days by goat and sheep herds keepers to announce the start of rain season and the transhumance to lower altitudes. Afka is located in the midway between Baalbek and Byblos and consist the main water source for Adonis River. For that in our hike we will be passing by Ruins and Water sources as well as old forests and newer orchards in addition to all the myths and legends and the breathtaking view. The way is and easy downhill of less than two hours arriving to an old church build on the ruins of an ancient castle. As usual we will meet at The Domaine du Karst - Achkout @ 10:00am (better to reach from Jouwar El Bouwachek) where the Bus will take us to the starting point in one hour trip.
The whole trail is covered by different types of vegetation in addition to large trees, water sources and water ponds. We will pass by beautiful views and places for photo shooting all over the trail so be prepared. By ending the hike we come back to Domaine Du Karst by bus where we will have the usual special lunch with new special items. The menu is as usual composed from grilled meat and chicken and vegetables with special salad, homos, dairy products and other specialties. Soft and alcoholic drinks are offered with lunch. The cost for this hike is 35,000 LL including lunch, drinks guide and transportation. Bring with you an extra sweater as the weather is getting colder in the mountain and wear suitable hiking shoes and hats. Domaine du Karst guesthouse can currently host up to 8 guests to stay over Saturday and/or Sunday night.

For additional info on the hike or guesthouse call Georges on:03/765108

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