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Airways Aviation offers a fantastic opportunity to begin your career in one of the most dynamic and exciting industries in the world by joining our unique 8 week Aviation Foundation Program in Beirut, Lebanon.

The bespoke Airways Foundation Course prepares cadets for both European EASA and Australian CASA pathways by providing a high level of theoretical knowledge which covers aviation fundamentals including Aviation English, Meteorology, Aerodynamics, Navigation, Etc. This course also includes Hands-On-Experience on our Basic Flight Simulator over a period of 8 weeks as a first step towards commencing your commercial flight training for aeroplanes or helicopters in the United Kingdom and Spain or Australia.

Contact us today for a FREE individual information session and an opportunity to speak to an industry expert and learn more about this highly respected and rewarding profession.

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6th Floor Mousalli Buidling Hamra, Beirut Lebanon

+961 1 738 105
+961 3 082 551

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