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A solo performance within an interactive video and painting installation that explores new dimensions between the physical and virtual worlds of Al Bossara. Inspired by Al Bossara’s hesitant and unpredictable behavior, the video installation aims to magnify the trance state of the performer by capturing in real time the multiple instances, the time shifts of the body moving in space.

Within an abstracted representation of Al Bossara’s home, or place of divination, the performer addresses the forbidden, the damned and their taboos, the realm of the supernatural, the link to ancestry and traditions of the feminine spirit and the destruction of the planet’s natural heritage.

Created and performed by Nadine Sures Sahmarani in collaboration with visual artist Chada Halwani.
Art work by Marwan Sahmarani.
Programing by Hadi Abou Reslan.

May 8th, 9th and 10th
@ Zico House Gallery Space (3rd Floor)
Between 8PM and 10PM
Entrance fee: 10.000LL

For more information contact or 71.081840.

Funded in part by the Canada Council for the Arts.

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