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As part of the Cafe Scientifique Network, Aleph B and Dr.Cyrine Nehmé (aka #DrCy) presents to you:

Aliens and Sightings, yes, we've all heard the stories, we've all seen some kind of photos, but what about real evidence?

We all want to believe but we also want the science and the facts.

This Friday JANUARY 24, starting 8:30PM.

What is the Cafe Scientifique Network?
Cafe Scientifique is a place where, for the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, anyone can come to have a conversation about the latest ideas in science and technology. Meetings have taken place in cafes, bars, restaurants, theatres, libraries and even out of doors, but always outside a traditional academic context.

About Dr.Cy:
Dr. Cyrine Nehme is a Lebanese Astrophysicist who is part of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope EC (European Consortium) and is currently teaching Astrophysics at NDU.

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