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  • Art Factum Gallery, Rehban Street, Medawar District, Quarantina, Beirut, Lebanon, Beirut, Lebanon
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All Down The Line - Art Exhibition

Art Factum Gallery would like to invite you to attend its first anniversary show "All Down The Line"
A design-themed exhibition hosting a group of established and rising local and international artists.
Mustapha Azeroual. Marc Baroud & Marc Dibeh. Atelier CC by Carole Chebron. Holly Farrell. Karoline Lang by Karine Tawil. Mary-Lynn Massoud & Rasha Nawam. Go Segawa. Tanya Traboulsi

A line is a two-dimensional element, invisible, created by several points that, geometrically speaking, have no dimensions at all. The geometric line is an invisible thing. Considered in terms of substance, it equals zero . Project this line on a plane and it is bound to create a shape represented by all three dimensions, a creation that is identifiable through its own design, be it simple or complex.
Art Factum Gallery would like to present its first anniversary exhibition entitled ‘All Down the Line’, a show emphasizing the art behind designed items, debuting on December 6th, 2012.
It all comes down to the line, from the preliminary connecting synapses that the creative brain produces, to the very first rough sketches of an idea put down on paper, to the very creation of the finalized product; it is indeed lines, making up forms, that govern our notion of innovation and design. Matisse himself mentioned that ‘one line does nothing; it is only in relation to another that it creates a volume’. And indeed it is through a collection of lines that a certain thought jumps from two to three dimensions; from a sketch right into existence. From household objects, to abstract creations, the show presents the works of various local and international, established and emerging artists and designers. The products themselves represent different implementations of ‘lines into forms’, also giving one a hint of what contemporary design is all about these days, and in a way presenting the viewer with a varied collective of works from different parts of the globe.
•French photographer and gallery artist Mustapha Azeroual decides to experiment with his existing series of photographs titled ‘Radiances’, and playfully displays them in a series of protruding ‘boxes’ of varied depths, thus granting the result of a two dimensional photograph presented in a three dimensional installation.
•Marc Baroud and Marc Dibeh, two well established Lebanese designers, are bringing forth a display of household items in a series titled ‘Wires’, where, quite literally, an industrial metal pipe is used to create each item; from a mirror, to a tray, to a series of differently designed shelves, this single tube of pipe is cut, bent, and melded into intricately curved shapes, thus creating a minimalistic design that rids the eye of any excess aesthetic additions.
•French ceramist Carole Chebron, working through her studio Atelier CC, molds a series of ceramic Cactus leaves, varying in size, color and species, and presents them as an array of vibrant household items, bringing close what first appear to be two opposing outcomes of design: the aesthetic and the utilitarian.
•Japanese artist Go Segawa reinterprets the notion of space through his three dimensional models, which he in fact fashions out of sheets of two dimensional ‘paintings’, turning them into sculptures instead. From two-dimensional elements into a three dimensional illusion, Go’s artworks, according to him, start attracting a certain gravity of their own. He works with the notion of ‘virtual space’, allowing the viewer’s perception to reinterpret the antagonistic nature of his creations.
•Canadian painter Holly Farrel, in her series of book paintings, focuses on nostalgia, in other words, memories of books that had shaped up her entire childhood well into what she finds herself to be nowadays. She emphasizes how, upon reading her books, she seemed to flee the reality she was living in then, and how, in a way, books were her ‘base for knowledge, [her] precursor to experience’. Her books, rendered as realistic as possible, appear in an almost surreal sense behind a canvas acting as a barrier between reality and mere two-dimensional forms.

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