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Alternative Architectural Tour - Beirut

ATB will be discovering Beirut from a historical, architectural, and planning perspective.

The tour revisits the historical social, political and economic contexts that contributed to the creation of the built environment of Beirut. The tour explores the city’s transformation through its most significant buildings, following a narrative of planning practices -or the lack thereof- that transformed Beirut throughout history. The narrative goes back and forth through different époques/eras of history starting with the wall and early expansions of the city in the mid 1800’s, exploring how 1 decade of Egyptian rule changed the city’s dynamic for the next half-a-century to come. From there we will be jumping from Ottoman modernization plans to French colonial aspiration. We will take a road with an Ottoman style palace on one side and Roman bath ruins on the other while imagining ourselves in New York. Then we spearhead into the 1950’s and 1960’s, passing by some the latest contemporary works of world class architects.

Meeting point: In front of the Le Gray Hotel in Downtown.
Price: 30,000LL (20 USD) per person
Places are limited!
For reservation please contact us through the facebook page, or phone/WhatsApp : 00961 78 905 282

This event is hosted by Alternative Tour Beirut, which also conducts alternative walking, food, and biking tours within Beirut.

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