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  • Friday Aug 17 2012 from 03:45 pm until 12:00 am
  • Saturday Aug 18 2012 until Wednesday Aug 22 2012 from 07:00 am until 12:00 am
  • Maasser Al Chouf , Lebanon
  • Sports & Outdoor, Other

Ananda Marga Summer Retreat

You are warmly invited to the Ananda Marga Summer Retreat from August 17 - 22 at Maasser Al Chouf in Lebanon. The program includes meditation, chanting, yoga exercises, hiking and inspiring classes and workshops given by experienced Ananda Marga teachers. There will also be opportunities to have private consultations with teachers for those interested in receiving a personal mantra or other forms of spiritual guidance (no extra charge involved). This retreat is a rare opportunity for you to gain a level of peace, joy and insight that is difficult to experience in your normal busy life.


Friday, August 17
Afternoon (3.45 to 5.00): Arrive, register, settle in
5.30 – Yoga Class, etc. (see daily routine above)
Evening Program: Spiritual Gift Exchange. Bring a small gift that has some significance for you.

Saturday, August 18
Morning 1: Welcoming and Introduction
Morning 2: Walking in Nature
Afternoon 1: Kiirtan Musical Chairs
Afternoon 2: “How to Move Steadily on the Spiritual Path” – Didi Ananda Rama
Evening: Spiritual Songs and Stories – Didi Ananda Jayati

Sunday, August 19
Morning 1: “Yama and Niyama – Practices for Personal and Collective Harmony” - Dada Gunaragananda
Morning 2: “A Journey Through the Chakras” – Didi Ananda Jayati
Afternoon 1: “Chakra Creative Expression Workshop (Followup to “A Journey Through the Chakras”) – Didi Ananda Jayati
Afternoon 2: Walking in Nature
Evening: Wedding of Layal and Aiman Hassanieh which will be done in the spiritual style of Ananda Marga.

Monday, August 20
Morning: Early Morning Hike, Meditation and Breakfast Picnic.
Afternoon 1: “Health Secrets of the Himalayas” – Dada Shantimaya
Afternoon 2: “Open Space” – An opportunity for participants to share their knowledge on any subject they choose (small group discussions).
Evening: Akhanda Kiirtan (All night spiritual chanting and dance)

Tuesday, August 21
Morning 1: “Experiencing Samadhi – the Ultimate State” – Dada Nityashuddhananda
Morning 2: “The Future of Humanity – Predictions of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti and Current World Trends” – Dada Subuddhyananda
Afternoon : Sadhana Shiviir: 3 hour intensive meditation and kiirtan.
Evening: Cultural Program – Participants share songs, dance, poetry and drama.

Wednesday, August 22
Morning 1: Closing Ceremony
Morning 2: Pack and Clean
Final: Outing to waterfall for meditation and lunch at Diana Khodor’s (Nishanta’s) family restaurant,”Challalat Al Zarqa” on Baaqline river.

St. Michel Youth Hostel is clean, comfortable and well-equipped with access to nature right outside the door. There are different varieties of rooms so the cost of the retreat varies according to which style of room you choose. The prices below include accommodation, meals and participation in the program. There are two buildings at the Hostel: the “Auberge” and “Beit Al Hanna”. All the accommodation is clean and pleasant but Beit Al Hanna is relatively more spacious and quiet. Most rooms have their own bathrooms en suite, others have a detached bathroom. Note: Accommodation will be given on a “first come first serve” basis so please book early to guarantee your choice of accommodation.


Residential Participants
Tents (for students/unemployed) $75 ($20 per day if staying less than 5 days)
Dormitory (15 beds per room) $110 ($30 per day if staying less than 5 days)
Family Room (4 or 5 beds per room) $170 (parents with children $140) ($40 per day if staying less than 5 days)
Beit Al Hanna (7 more spacious and private rooms. Each room can be arranged as a single, double or triple but the per person charge remains the same) $220 ($50 per day if staying less than 5 days)

Day Visitors (who do not stay overnight)
$80 for whole program
$20 per day (any two segments - i.e. morning plus afternoon or afternoon plus evening = one day)
$12 for half day (any one segment e.g. morning or afternoon or evening = half a day).

Guests who only come for Kiirtan, meditation and spiritual talk are requested to kindly give a donation but if they stay for workshop or food they should pay the half day charge.

Children under 8 years of age are half price and children under 3 are free.

Note: Income from the retreat will help cover the air fares of the Dadas and Didis.
How to Register

To register please pay a $50 deposit (or the full amount) to your local coordinator: Beirut & Area (and international participants)- Alia Khalil (Abhishrii) – mob: 71767673; email: Chouf Area – Rana Hamze (Mina) mob: 03970036; tel: 05504004; email: $50 deposit must be paid before the final date for registration which is August 10. By email please inform your choice for accommodation according to the options listed above. Please include your name, nationality and arrival details. Emails should be sent to: Important Note! Cancellations made after August 15 will forfeit their $50 deposit.

What to bring

Small backpack for hiking; comfortable walking shoes; sandals; hat; sun cream; sunglasses; yoga mat; notebook and pen; flashlight; camera; towel, toothbrush, soap, and warm clothes (the weather at this time of year is unpredictable – can be warm or cold. However, mornings and evenings will certainly be cool as the retreat center is high in the mountains. There is no need to worry about the cold as the youth hostel has central heating).

Karma Yoga

To keep prices low we will be doing our own cooking and cleaning. This work is done with a community spirit and with the feeling of offering our work to God. Service done in this manner is known as “Karma Yoga” and is an integral part of the retreat. Everyone who attends the retreat will be expected to participate in Karma Yoga (which may mean missing some part of a program in order to complete one’s duty). Participants who do not wish to join in the Karma Yoga may exempt themselves by paying an extra $25 registration fee.


Smoking, alcohol and consumption of non-vegetarian food are not permitted during the retreat. Participants should not disturb others by making noise or engaging in extra-curricular activities. By registering you agree to follow the rules.

How to get there

By now most of us are familiar with the retreat location but if you need some help please email Dada Krsnasevananda or call to the Youth Hostel itself.

Contact Information
Dada Krsnasevananda:Email:
Rana Hamze (Mina): Email:; Mob. 3970036, Tel. 05504004
Alia Khalil (Abhishrii): Email:; Mob. 71767673
Retreat Site (Youth Hostel Auberge St. Michel, Maaser Chouf): 05350451

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