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wednesday january 11th, 2017 - 8.30 pm
hosted by onomatopoeia - the music hub


► paed conca /clarinet
► stéphane rives /soprano
► tony elieh /electric bass
► sharif sehnaoui /drums

INFO 00 961 1 398 986


Possibly the only Free Jazz group in town, this highly energetic acoustic quartet aims at playing free music in it's wildest form. It's four members have been some of the most active improv and experimental musicians in Beirut in the last decade or so.
In this project however, they try to go slightly out of their way to pay tribute to some essential figures in this genra, from John Coltrane to Albert Ayler, Peter Brotzmann to Charles Gayle...

Stephane Rives is possibly one of the most innovative soprano saxophone players of the last century, Rives has been pushing the limits of the soprano to new heights and extremes, expanding the scope of his instrument in ways that few musicians had done before (Lacy, Parker, Doneda...).

Unclassifiable Swiss musician Paed Conca has set his base in Beirut where he has strongly inscribed himself in the local music scene. From punk-shaabi duo PRAED to folk-rock band The Incompetents, and including several other projects and collaborations, Conca has become an essential part of Beirut's musical horizons.

Sharif Sehnaoui and Tony Elieh are two of the most active musician on the Lebanese experimental scene. While Sehnaoui comes from a jazz and improv music background, working with Mazen Kerbaj and Raed Yassin in the "A" Trio to develop a music they sometimes refer to as "textural swing", Elieh is primarily a rock musician, founding member of the Lebanese post-punk band The Scrambled Eggs whose work in the last decade has covered many directions from pop-rock to plain experimental.

concert proceeds will assist underprivileged children's music classes part of onomatopoeia’s music skills development program (MSDP)

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