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Angelika von Schwedes came to painting from times and places through which a stormy wind blew and left her shaken by conflicting emotions and changes. Upheavals not only in politics, but also in art, philosophy, ethics and how people saw their own humanity and their relationship to nature and the world. She followed the example of her expressionist teachers, but then detached herself from them and went her own way. The defeats and dilemmas of an embattled German generation are present in her paintings, but also the creative power that arises from conflicts and challenges, intensified by a female consciousness that opens the awareness to other dimensions.
“She composes her oil paintings with powerful, confident, broad, clear, sensuous brushstrokes, with beguilingly wild and fresh colours, pervaded by a light that seems to have come into being of its own accord in order to talk about things that are vibrantly present in their rawness, unified with the body of the world.”