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  • Thursday Feb 21 2013 from 06:00 pm until 08:00 pm
  • Friday Feb 22 2013 until Thursday Mar 28 2013 from 11:00 am until 07:00 pm
  • Art Circle, Commodore Street, Hamra
  • Exhibitions, Arts & Culture

"One Woman Show" by Annie Kurkdjian
Opens on Thursday February 21, starting 6 pm
Exhibition runs until March 28, 2013

Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1972, Annie Kurkdjian received her masters in Management in 1994 before achieving her Fine Arts degree at the Lebanese University. Known for her original and provocative work, her main subject remains the human form whose body parts are manipulated, mutilated, stranded, extended or diminished, tinted of black and grey. Her paintings are provocative but nevertheless playful, tainted with dark humor and depicting the often violent and bizarre side of human psychology.

Her language alternates between expressionism and surrealism and the message she carries is without concession. Tragedy and absurdity are omnipresent, and when faced to her work; we are indebted to think about life’s infirmities and the ironies of our existence. The juxtaposition between the subtle colors she uses and the message she portrays is visually commanding and strikingly creative.

Kurkdjian doesn’t seek to please; and for that reason, upon her reception of the Johayna Baddoura 2012 prize, Jo Tarrab says: « It is rare in Lebanon, to find a work, as economical, that has such an important visual impact … her authentic experience, a probably traumatizing one, gives another dimension to her work, equal to an auto therapy”.

About her ‘One Woman Show’ at Art Circle Annie Kurkdjian declares: “My subjects are syphilitics, mad kings, puppets, ventriloquists, a blood-spitter, the Pope, an obese masturbator, a madman who bites a duck, some prisoners and a woman wearing a checkered hat who finally dares to throw a look through the strange angle of her bent shoulders; in sum they are ‘the orgy of Beirut’. There’s also myself; a woman who grows infinitely in time and space, similar to an elastic thread that then shortens all at once. My paintings are my style, myself (or whom I pretend to be), the skin I live in, my stay in hell, my redemption, my heaven”.

She exhibited in Lebanon, France and the U.K. and participated in many collective shows, namely the 30th Salon d’Automne at the Sursock Museum where she received the Jury’s Special mention for her exhibited work.

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