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Aqua-Rondo Jannet Chouwan
Dear Born2hikers, and friends do you want to be part of an exceptional Aqua hike this Monday? Yes, Monday instead of Sunday because it will be a day off!!

Our hike will begin from 3ebre village-Yahchouch area, at an altitude of -900m to reach Nahr Ibrahim River at altitude of 500m where we will start our Aqua Rondo till we arrive to the famous Blue Lagoon of Jannet Chouwan.
For swimming lovers, we will have time to throw ourselves in the cold refreshing water and to enjoy the beauty of the area.

Level: 5/10
Distance : 6 km
Moving time: 3 hrs to reach the peak
Total hiking duration: 4:00 hrs

Meeting Point :
Alfa (Furn el Chebbak), under the bridge, near The City of Furniture in front of Sagesse University. We can pick up the hikers that live on our way.
Departure: 8:00AM (Required Materials
- Hiking boots
- Backpack
- 2liters of water
- pair of shoes
- Extra Clothes
- Sunglasses
-Sunscreen (please ensure putting sunscreen as the sun will be burning
-Healthy snacks
-Anti Moustiques
Fees : total 30 000 lBP (this amount includes transportation, guide, but does not include the medical insurance)

For reservation call or SMS specifying the number of participants and their full names to :
Issam Diab 03 28 78 38

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