This event has passed.

Acoustic original songs and instrumentals. Expect playful guitar and vocal lines inspired from rock, jazz and classical music.

wednesday, june 1st, 2016 - 9.00 pm
at onomatopoeia the music hub

► zaher hamade /guitar /vocals /ukulele
► elie abi raad /guitar /vocals /ukulele

INFO 00 961 1 398 986


“Arak is the story, in a certain poetry
Of a guy, and another guy who said hi
Though we passed on some instruments
In the current predicament
We've returned to the ways we first said goodbye

What we offer is what follows
Some years in the shadows
Some time in the sun when we play
Some thoughts of our melodies

A bit of a histories
And a bit of something to say”

concert proceeds will assist underprivileged children's music classes, part of onomatopoeia’s music skills development program (MSDP).

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