This event has passed.

we are glad to invite you for the soft hike on Sunday March 13 from the Martyrs' Cedar Forest of Tabrieh down to Chahtoul and Bei ChouJaa.
it is a soft hike Between Kesserwan and El Ftouh in a typical mediterranean nature full of biodiversity and historical sites.

As usual we will meet at The Domaine du Karst - Achkuout (better to reach from Jouwar El Bouwachek ) where the Bus will take us to the starting point in 30 minutes trip.
the hike include an easy uphill for less than 15 minutes than a soft downhill and flat topography for a total of two hours.

the whole trail is covered by trees and green vegetation. in addition to cultural heritage we will pass by beautiful views and places for photo shooting all over the trail so be prepared.
by ending the hike we come back to Domaine Du Karst by bus where we will have the usual special lunch with new special items.

the menu is as usual composed from grilled beef meat, grilled Taouk, and grilled vegetables with special salad, homos, dairy products and other specialties.
soft and alcoholic drinks are offered with lunch and our wine of the domain.
the cost for this hike is 45,000 LL including lunch, drinks guide and transportation. special prices for groups and children.

meeting time:10:00 am
wear long pants and hiking shoes and bring extra sweaters as we will be at more than 1000 meters altitude.
if you like to spend the night before or the one after @ Domaine Du Karst we are able to host up to 12 guests in four rooms. we offer a free breakfast for the guests who are joining the hike as well.

Phone: 03 765 108

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