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The exhibition Aquilo que passa não te pertence, o que fica e não é nada (Whatever passes you does not belong to you, and what remains is nothing) presents four recent works by the Brazilian artist Vijai Patchineelam ranging through the different mediums of photography, posters and books. All four works linger around the two questions posed by the diptych Diptych Como documentar a imagem do protesto / Como projetar a imagem de protesto (How to document the image of protest / How to project an image of protest) from 2014. The book Aquilo que passa não te pertence, o que fica e não é nada (2014) consist of two short sequences of photographs and text of the city of Rio de Janeiro depicting the rapid changes in the urban cityscape that the city is undergoing as it prepares for two major international events. These two sequences are sandwiched by a large amount of blank black papers that gives the book a certain volume, but remaining almost content-less. The poster Fiction (2014) appropriates a found image by cropping and overlaying a small passage of a text written about the artists work.