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Art Exhibition Batroun, from Sea to Mountains

Saturday, April 06, 2019
9pm Live performance
Interactive music and poetry

EXHIBITION opens daily from 9am to 9pm
April 06-22 2019
info and reservations on +961-6-740927 & +961-81-240247
Curated by Rosie Karkari
The Art Exhibition is an extension of Live Performances and Interactive music and poetry

Sami Basbous’ work starts on the streets of Batroun, Jbeil. He looks for the decaying beauty of posters and flyers on walls that withstood time and adversity, and reflect on his personal stories and that of their neighborhood.

Listening to intuition, and wielding with immediacy, Sami scratches, peels and carves out what exists; recreating chimeras of what will soon be covered. It’s an amorous reverse/revenge collage process.
The result is then photographed and printed on quality art paper. In his atelier, he paints with acrylic, ink, pastel, oil, charcoal, and music on the photograph, channeling portraits of visiting spirits, producing art that is rich in dimension and layering.

The photographs meld with imagined portraits, creating souls eager to tell forgotten and invented stories and fables. Sami’s artwork is completed when visual chaos abates, and meaning is found; yielding atonement, and realizing healing.
Monday, April 22, 8pm
Live performance
Interactive music and poetry
info and reservations on +961-6-740927 & +961-81-240247
Commissioned Original Portraits:
Technique: Oil, Collage on Original Photography
Requirements: 1 passport photo, and one desired photograph
**Request price chart +961 76 985 608

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