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Art Therapy - Refurbish Yourself

“Nothing disappears. Everything transforms.”

Take the time to express, reflect and refurbish yourself. This art therapy workshop aims to help you work with the emotions you want to get rid of and transform. Working with craft materials you want to throw away, you will be encouraged to express yourself, better understand your emotions, reshape them and visualize a change. You will be reusing old materials and recreating new pieces, concretely and metaphorically.

Get in touch with yourself in a playful and safe environment. With the guidance of an art therapist, you will engage in hands-on art making and interactive activities (through recycling, drawing, painting, collages, clay pieces, journaling, and more), both individually and in-group, and reflect back on the work done in intimate group discussions.

You do NOT need to be “good” in any form of art.

7:00 - 9:45 pm
Mon and/or Wed and/or Thurs - Nov 25 to Dec 12
in an old charming house in Gemayzeh, close to “La Tabkha”

$180 / 6 sessions, art materials included.

* REGISTRATION required by Saturday, Nov 23, 2013. Places are limited.

Workshop will be lead by Myra Saad (M.A. in Art Therapy & Mental Health Counseling)
For more information and registration: , 03 545 281

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