This event has passed.

Sabine El Gemayel-d’Herbécourt and Mira Hawa with the collaboration of ArtScoops and the support of International and Lebanese artists and collectors are holding an online auction of over forty paintings, photographs, collages, prints, sculptures, fashion, ceramics and personal experiences to support Beirut’s reconstruction efforts. Either the galleries or the artists have gifted all artworks.

Buyers will make a direct payment to the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020, a humanitarian effort of Social and Economic Action for Lebanon, (SEAL-US), Lebanese International Financial Executives (LIFE), Lebnet and their partners. The funds will be disbursed with full transparency to well vetted non profit organizations in Lebanon.

Donations can be made in USD through SEAL-US and in Local USD, GBP, Euro, AUD, or CHF through LIFE.

Please check with your country of residence as to your eligibility for tax relief related to Art.