This event has passed.

The AUB rally paper is back. A weekend of fun awaits you all on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 May 2012. Get yourselves ready to compete in the nationwide rally paper and have a chance to win big prizes.

_This year's prizes are the following:
1st prize: $10,000.
2nd prize: $5,000.
3rd prize: $3,000.
4th prize: $2,000.
5th prize: $1,000.
Along with other prizes.
Sponsorhip form will be available later today and sponsors will be announced after the week-end.
_Sponsors will be announced soon.
_Website availble:
_Sponsprship form for teams is available on the website.
_Registration will last until friday May 11, all teams have to pay their's cars registration fees on friday during the briefing (location and time to be specified later).

Note: The black spaces on the poster are for the sponsor's logo and the prizes.

For more info contact us on
Or call 70/973546

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