This event has passed.
  • Friday Oct 19 2012 from 09:30 pm until 02:00 am
  • MOJO Crew Club, Hamra main street, facing Gloria Jeans and Brisk
  • Music, Nightlife

Mojo Crew Club will host the second AudioSynthesis session on Friday the 19th.

For our new friends out there, the music will incorporate a blend of synthesized effects and electro-acoustic instruments in an attempt to induce a therapeutic response away from the daily noise-polluting horns of urban life. :). (Which is exactly what we told our old friends when they were still new to the concept :p).

For our old friends, we shall go on with the tradition of altering and experimenting with Blues, Rock and Reggae. The cover section is shrinking considerably thanks to public request and the improvisation section is expanding thanks to public response.

About AudioSynthesis:

Electric and Acoustic guitars + Cajon

It is mainly a 3-piece “improversion” sprouting out of the different personal moods that music can suggest, evolving into an interactive representation and finally morphing into a collective liberating trance (or just background pub music).
The inspiration resides in mixing the ‘organic’ with the ‘electric/electronic/simulated’ for the sake of recreating music, a process we shall simply refer to as AudioSynthesis.

For more information and a taste of previous improvs

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