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Baalbeck The City Of The Sun with Mira's Guided Tours

Mira’s Guided Tours are heading to the majestic temples of Baalbek in the Beqaa Valley during the Easter Break!

Baalbeck, also called the city of Baal or Heliopolis, is known for having one of the largest temples of the Roman Empire. In Baalbeck, Romans worshipped the gods Jupiter, Venus and Bacchus – gods that may also have been related to the Canaanite deities Haddad and Astarte.

Our guide Charbel Saliba was born and raised in Baalbeck. Charbel knows the city better than anyone, and he has been working as a guide for almost 20 years. He speaks Arabic, French, English, German and Russian. Charbel will share with you his knowledge and love for his city when taking you on a special exploration of Baalbek.

Our first stop will be at the famous Palmyra Hotel. The first hotel to be built in Baalbeck in 1874, it has hosted the German Emperor Wilhelm II, Nina Simone, the Shah of Iran, Atatürk, Ella fitzgerald, General De Gaulle, Cocteau and many other celebrities. We will stop there for coffee and drinks before we begin our dive back into ancient history.

Breathtaking temples await us: The Temple of Jupiter with its impressive still-standing columns, entrance and altar. We definitely won’t miss the wonderful and controversial temple dedicated to the god of wine, the Bacchus temple - the best preserved Roman temple of this size in the world. We will end our tour with the elegant Temple of Venus to fill our hearts with love...

We will also pass to witness the biggest stone in the world uncovered by German archeologists, and given the name of Hajjar al-Hibla - the pregnant stone - located in a stone quarry in Baalbeck.

Finally lunch will be served after the tour in a restaurant with a lovely seating area which serves eastern and western cuisine, and some delicious Baalbek specialties that we cannot leave without having the pleasure of tasting!
Departure from Beirut:
Virgin building in front of the Martyr’s Square, Central Beirut at 8 am (A bus will be waiting from 7:30am)

Meeting point for people already in Baalbeck:
Palmyra Hotel at 10:30 am or main entrance of the temples site at 11 am (To be specified by email plz - see below)

Tour begins at around 11 am
Return to Beirut from Baalbeck: Afternoon around 4 pm

Price of the Guided Tour: 30 000 LL ($20)
Bus: 20 000 LL ($13.3)
Entrance fee: 10 000 for Lebanese / 15000 for non-Lebanese
For students with a card: 10 000 / Free for Lebanese students
(Payment: the day of the trip)

Places are limited therefore please register online by filling this form:

(For more info, please email or call +961 70 12 67 64)


- Please bring cash money, as there are no possibilities for ATM stops on the way.
- Lunch is not included in the tour package and would range between 5 000 and
40 000 LL depending on what you order.
- Cancellations without prior notice of 24 hours require payment of the full fee of the bus.

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