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Baatara Gorge Waterfall - Batroun - Ixsir Wine Tasting

We will start at Baatara Gorge Waterfall, or as it is also known Balou’ Bala’a,The waterfall drops 255 metres (837 ft) into the Baatara Pothole, a cave of Jurassic, it's an extraordinary sight. It was ‘discovered’ by Henri Coiffait in 1952.The waterfall is the product of millions of years’ worth of limestone erosion. Geologists say that it is around 160 million years old and would have been around when dinosaurs roamed the area.

Followed by Batroun old souk and port,overlooking the old harbor/fishermen's port is the Maronite Saint –Stephan (mar estephan) (achieved at the beginning of the 20th century).It is one of the biggest and most beautiful churches of Lebanon.

Then we will Try some of Lebanon's finest wines at Ixsir, located on a picturesque mountain that offers scenic views. In addition to enjoying the surrounding natural landscapes and learning about the local winemaking techniques

We will start at Mseilha Fort is the fairytale castle of Mseilha, a medieval fort built by Emir Fakhreddine II in the 17th century to guard the route from Tripoli to Beirut. Perched high above a narrow limestone rock, the citadel and surrounding landscape was recently renovated to make it more accessible to visitors.

Cost: $85 Per Person
(Couples Get a Discount)

Cost Includes:
1 - Entrance Fees
2 - Guide
3 - Lunch
4 - Air Conditioned Vehicle
5 - Hotel pick up and drop off
6 - Snacks
7 - Wine Tasting at Ixsir

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