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Back & Posture Program at Prime Life Clinic

This program is fun, challenging and unique in its process, combining therapeutic realigning approaches with the world of functional training.

A program that does it all:
 Treat
 Prevent
 Stretch
 Strengthen
 Balance
 Relax

The Mission:

I believe people can auto treat themselves, train safely and effectively, and experience wellbeing and performance if they have the right proven tools.

I created this program to help people overcome movement disorder, and muscular-skeletal imbalances, so that they can enjoy the benefits of having a good posture, a healthy body and mind, and a feeling of confidence and power.

Having these elements are essential to have the physiology and the posture of
- Performance
- Wellbeing
- Leadership
"The softening of the body involves a serious weakening of the mind"

Is it for you?

If you believe that you:
 Hold greater potential within you,
 Are willing to get out of your comfort zone,
 Want to remove tension and pain
 Want to correct the dysfunctional movement and postural patterns.
 Experience well-being and freedom in the way you sit, stand and move,
 Want to have a better image, and have a body language of charisma and influence

This program is for you

My belief is that no matter what the level of fitness or the body you desire to have, this program is a must, for you to build a strong and flexible muscular and skeletal foundation that reflects the greatness within you.
It just needs your :
 desire and will
 mind & body awareness
 a purpose that drives you to
Change your posture
Change your life

Note: This is not a one-time event; this is a program that helps you have a healthy, powerful, and effortless, leader's posture.

Having a good foundation is like in constructions, a must to build a strong superstructure.
This is an essential step for you to realign your joints, and remove muscular imbalances so you can build strength over a healthy balanced body.
Realignment techniques will directly increase your muscle activation effectiveness (strength), remove the pain and tension, and reduce the risk of injuries.

What will you experience?
Instantly after class feeling:
 Wellbeing
 Alignment
 Confidence and power
 Flexibility and ability to move freely.

After a short period, you will experience a boost in:
 Performance.
 Functional abilities

After a while, people will notice you are:
 Taller
 Confident
 Simply, you will enjoy a better quality of life and a risk-free gym routine.

The benefits
 Get out of pain and tension
 Improve performance
 Refine a strong and elegant posture
 Realign and remove joint restrictions
 Improve your balance and coordination
 Deepen your understanding; and Breathing deep
 Sculpt your perfect body line
 Tone up your muscles of thighs, Gluteus, core, hands, back ...
 Strengthen your core muscles and most importantly, the new core of these days, your spinal muscles, and posterior chain
 Stretch and lengthen your muscles especially those responsible for creating a good posture
 Gain understanding, and proven tools for you to train well, auto treat yourself, prevent future injuries.

The Process

1. First gain mobility,
2. then stability,
3. then move well, (and often)
4. then build strength, agility, and power over a balanced healthy body.

Not the other way around,
• loading imbalances and dysfunctions,
• leading to pain, injuries, and functional restrictions.


Using therapeutic corrective techniques, fundamental functional training principles, and mind and body exercises:
 McKenzie MDT technique
 Global postural therapy
 Functional movement, correction, and training: squats, lunges, pushups, planks...
 Foundation training: Re-defining your new core.
 A fusion of Pilates, and Core training, customized to fit a postural corrective purpose.
 The science of embodiment, self-validation, body language and leadership

For the first time, these techniques are put in one class which makes it unique and effective.

Equipment needed:

 Mat
 Elastic bands
 Dumbbells
 Towel

This is not a one-time event; this is a program that helps you have a healthy, powerful, and effortless Leader’s posture.

Elie Khoury MPT, ICF
Physical therapist – Masters in Podiatry
McKenzie Method practitioner - International credential
Certified posture expert - American posture institute
Executive & Leadership Coach – International coaching federation

03 019 265

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