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  • Every Monday to Saturday from 04:00 pm until 08:00 pm, Jun 21 2013 to Aug 31 2013
  • Art Lounge, Masser Beiteddine
  • Exhibitions, Arts & Culture

Balance & Light by Anachar Basbous

Balance and lightness are perhaps the strongest of the many striking traits found in sculptor Anachar Basbous’s most recent body of work. Highly geometric shapes – some purely mathematic, others more innovative, but always geometric – join together and remain suspended in space in unexpected ways, defying the heaviness of the metallic matter they’re made of (iron, bronze, steel), and traditional laws of gravity.

The versatile Basbous, son of famous sculptor Michel Basbous, worked in wall decoration before turning definitely to sculpture. Perhaps here lies the link between architecture, sculpture and mosaics, preeminent in some of his works.
Having worked with stone and wood, he employs almost exclusively metal in recent years. “Metals give me the greatest inspiration and comfort: their texture, matter, visual effect, the necessary approach. It is more construction than excavation.”

Basbous thus explains his work: “My research focuses on the decomposition and reconstruction of simple shapes in space, dealing with form, dynamism, tension, movement and balance.”

Art Lounge, Maasser Beiteddine
Silk Factory
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