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Ever wondered how bartenders get their way in making you leave the bar drunk? Here’s your chance to learn all of the secrets in bartending. Recipes to different cocktails, secrets of flaring, mixing and matching cocktails and other deep secrets will be all yours.

The topics that will be discussed in this course are the following:

Learn the ethics of serving in bartending (Welcoming, pouring, flaring and serving)
Acquire knowledge about drinks and cocktails of the world
Visit the world of wine and wine pouring
Discover the fundamental ingredients and basics of internationally known cocktails.
Create your own drink by following the instructions.

*Please note that this workshop only allows participants of legal drinking age (18+). Ages below 18 will not be allowed to participate.

Contact us on 03670785 for reservation 48 hours in advance to schedule your activity date and time at your convenience.

Ticket price: 75$

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