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BasicThetaHealing® Seminar

IF you are ready for BIG CHANGES in your life, then you are ready for THETA!

ThetaHealing™ is a revolutionary technique that has the whole world talking!

At the heart of the difficulties we face in all areas of life, whether Health, Money, Career, Emotions and Relationships, are limiting beliefs that can be identified and changed to reveal the REAL YOU.

With ThetaHealing™ you will learn how to heal yourself and others, and create the life you dream of!

In this seminar you will:
+ Learn about brain waves, and how to reach a Theta brain wave state that allows you to manifest through Source Energy
+ Identify, test and instantly change limiting beliefs in yourself and others; something that psychotherapy can take years to achieve!
+ Activate DNA and reverse the aging process for a YOUNGER YOU
+ Heal injuries and diseases as well as change beliefs beneath those conditions
+ Adjust brain chemistry
+ Learn Manifestation techniques
+ Do future readings

Learn MUCH MORE in this 3-day, intensive & simply life-changing seminar!

Taught by:
LYA SABBAN, Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor

Organized by:
Duna Abou Jaoudeh, Certified ThetaHealing® practitioner
Mada Harb, Certified ThetaHealing® practitioner

Early-bird registration BEFORE December 1st, 2012.
If you are a ThetaHealer interested in retaking the seminar(s), ask for healers' abundance.

For more info contact:

Duna: +9613 896540
Mada: +961 71129375

Gratitude, Love & Light

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