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The YWCA-Beirut Leadership Committee, “Inspire Program”, cordially invites you to an informal gathering with Antoinette Chahin “ from imprisonment to empowerment”

Venue: Y Cultural Center, Ain Mraisseh, Rustom Pasha Street
Date: Tuesday, April 21st at 11:00 a.m.

On January 7, 1997, Antoinette Yusuf Chahin, a 26 year old Lebanese student was sentenced to death for her alleged involvement in the assassination of Father Semaan Boutros Al-Khoury in May 1992. Her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment with hard labor. During her detention, Antoinette was reportedly tortured which resulted in her hospitalization. After five and a half years and with the support of Amnesty International, she was found not guilty and was released.

Following her release, Antoinette pursued her studies in France and since then, has become an advocate against the death penalty. She has received numerous international honourings and Key to the City. She participated in several lectures and conferences and was appointed Ambassador of Human Rights in December 2014 in Rome.

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