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Be Invincible: Self-Confidence Training

How mind blowing would it be if you simply never had to go through self-doubt, criticism, guilt or shame again?

Close your eyes and imagine how confident and powerful you can be with every choice and decision you make regarding your personal, professional and love life...

How eager are you to discover what it truly feels like to be a unique being who is authentically super confident and self-assured?

In this complete guide to self-confidence, get ready to move beyond any mental or emotional limits, get ready to go through all that's been holding you back, because the only way out of them is through them!

Discover what has been holding you back and what to do to move beyond them.
Raise your awareness with our intensive breakthrough training in which you will cover the following topics:

1- Dehypnotizing yourself: how we have been programmed into low self-esteem

2- Would you choose: freedom or bondage?

3- The poisonous dependence of approvals and praise

4- The agony of the guilt pattern

5- The model of the mind and it's functions

6- The dis-identification process

7- The art of self acceptance

8- The vision of unconditional love

9- Moving beyond fear and doubts

10- Moving forward with purpose

When you are ready to face yourself fully and are willing to go beyond your limiting beliefs and thought patterns, all you need is this comprehensive guide and a full understanding approach to changing behaviors.

What you will receive through this unique experience is:

- An intial prep session with the trainer
- A full 6 hours of intense mental & practical training
- A workbook material of the course
- A follow-up session
- A certificate of attendance
- Multiple coffee breaks
- A mindblowing freedom experience to be your most confident self

This training is designed for executives, managers, entrepreneurs and every person feeling held back in their personal and professional lives.

The fee for the full package is 100$

NB: the seats are limited.

RSVP 700 677 99

About the trainer:
Ella M. Emanuel is a clinical psychologist, an integrative therapist, a master coach and a trainer.
She believes in the infinite potential of every person to outgrow themselves and access unlimited freedom both personally and professionally.
In her many years as a counselor, working with adults and youth, individually or in groups, she concluded that the people with the most satisfying lives are the ones lead through a growth mindset.
Her mission is to enable people to break free from their mental prisons.
This is one of her passions that she trained to excel at through numerous trainings in different transformational approaches.
Guiding them through their journey of transformation is the most valuable achievements.

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