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We are pleased to announce our upcoming Open Studios featuring the works created by our latest artists-in-residence Darryl Westly and Gianna Dispenza during their time at BAR.

This month’s Open Studios will showcase the works of two artists painting from real life. Although the core of their practices is the same, they interpret their subjects differently. Darryl plays with contexts yet always remaining in reality, whereas Gianna weaves elements from fantasy into her canvas. Both artists leave the viewer in a state of curiosity, questioning what is real and what isn’t.

Darryl Westly uses the streets, walls and architecture of Beirut as his inspiration for a new series of interior/exterior 'landscapes'. Color, voids, shadows and light merge to create a perspective to the past, present and future of the city. The revealed neatness in his paintings link to Westly's former eye-catching compositions of make feel 'happy' junk and his enquiry into our socially coded lifestyles.

Gianna presents us with a collection of minimal studies drawn from life, as an effort to acknowledge the beauty and simplicity of a single line. From this point, the marks unravel into fantastical disarray. The delicate studies of the human body grow into layered, complex, and abstract iterations, inviting the question of which is more real, and whether or not a faithful boundary divides the two. In its most simple form however, the artist’s goal was to reacquaint herself with the practice of rendering a line from life, and then to make room for the wild scribblings of imagination.

About BAR: The Beirut Art Residency is a nonprofit, artist-run interdisciplinary space. Our artist-in-residence program aims to stimulate creativity through interaction with the local environment, artists and cultural institutions, and seeks to foster cross-cultural relations between participants and the local artistic community in Beirut.

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