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In partnership with the Oslo World Music Festival, Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival proudly announces its first edition.

Born from the need for creating a platform that puts a special emphasis on the local and regional independent scene of the Middle East, and brings for the Lebanese audience, music from the world in accessible tickets and locations.
Born also from the determination that in a world characterized by turmoil, revolutions, major and rapid changes, financial crises, war and conflict, it becomes more important than ever to create projects that show that music is a universal language. Never before has the work for the encouragement of cultural diversity been more important than right now.

We think that Beirut, in her many aspects is now the perfect place, for an initiative like Beirut & Beyond. The festival was planned from September 19th till 22nd, but due to the instable situation, the festival was postponed until December 5th to 8th.

Music lovers will enjoy different genres of music in different aspects; for 4 consecutive nights, in 6 different venues, more then 14 acts and 40 artists will be showcasing their music. From contemporary oriental tunes to the Afro and hip-hop beats, passing by Jazz, rock, electronic…

Interested in discovering the independent music scene of the region, international professionals has been invited to our festival. Festival directors, journalists, agents… from Europe and the Arab World will be attending the concerts, and taking part of the lectures and panels we will be organizing.
One of our festival’s main objective too is to work on developing the cultural scene, by creating an infrastructure for music, and strengthening the cultural diversity, the intercultural dialogue and the exchange.

The European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals was planning to hold its annual meeting during our festival in September, but after the postponing, members from the forum will attend our festival unofficially.

In each of its edition, Beirut & Beyond along with the Oslo World Music Festival will also organize an international tour for the musicians performing in the festival. This year, 5 of our most distinguished acts had a tour in Scandinavia; First in Norway, in the Oslo World Music Festival, and then in two venues in Sweden and one in Denmark.

We hope that our first edition will satisfy our audience, and that our initiative becomes a real platform for musicians to emerge for many years to come.

- Thursday Dec 05
8:00 - Khyam Allami (IRQ)
9:00 - Jawhar (TUN)
10:00 - Maryam Saleh (EGY)

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- Friday Dec 06
8:00 - Trygve Seim / Frode Haltli (NOR)
9:00 - Jagwa (TAN)

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10:00 - El Far3i / El Rass / Munma (LEB/JOR)
11:00 - Maurice Louca (EGY)
12:00 - DJ Jonjay - DJ Vatchez

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- Saturday Dec 07:
8:30 - Tarek Yamani Trio (LEB/SLO)
9:30 - Ziad Nawfal (LEB)

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10:30 - Neospective Glitch EP Release Party
In Collaboration with Beirut Groove Collective
Toofless & Wriggly Scott (UK/SUD)

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- Sunday Dec 08:
6:30 - Surprise Concert (Free Entrance

8:00 - Tamer Abou Ghazaleh (PLE)
9:00 - Tanjaret Daghet (SYR)
9:45 - Balogi (CGO)

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Festival Director
Amani Semaan
00961 3 52 44 00