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Beirut Business Summit 2019
26 to 29 June 2019

The iconic, premiere, exclusive event - Beirut Business Summit - an inspiring mix of several analytic panels, interactive workshops with international speakers and an interactive market place - defining modular theme exhibition.

Beirut Business Summit integrates 4 days of panels and workshops about the influence of AI in business, technology trends and blockchain, disruptive innovation, financial inclusion, real estate trends and the future generations with 3 international key speakers, the world`s first humanoid celebrity Sophia and regional moderators followed by an evening networking cocktail in the first evening. During the whole event, an exhibition promoting luxuries real estate investments, financial services and banking, hi-tech software, innovative technologies, lifestyle destinations, fashion and accessories, offers and solutions for the world of yachting, cars and aviation.

Beirut Business Summit is organized by World Elite Solutions, a premier events services company to a professional clientele. Our events are designed to entertain, educate, help cultivate real relationships and facilitate socializing among our preferred clientele. Beirut Business Summit gives you the opportunity to rediscover your business potential! Beirut Business Summit - uniting people, businesses, countries, inspiration and success for your projects in 2019!

Full Agenda:

Day 1 – 26th of June 2019

How to turn Disruption into opportunities

Future of Government – From ideas to impact
Lessons from survivors of Disruption
The Future of Workforce – a high velocity challenge
Scaling Entrepreneurs
Disruptive Innovation Trends

A look at what`s ahead for the future of Business, Technology and Design
The post-digital Era is upon us

Trends vs Market
Leading in the New

Managing Disruption like an innovation Champion
Resolutions for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Reimagining Work, Workforce, Workplace

Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent models, and cognitive tools, work is changing. As robotics, AI, the gig economy and crowds growth, jobs are being reinvented, creating the “augmented workforce.” We must reconsider how jobs are designed and work to adapt and learn for future growth.
Application of Machine Learning in Business

Day 2 – 27th of June 2019


The concept of inclusive cities involves multiple spatial, social and economic factors. How can the industry work towards community cohesion & diversity involvement. What are the challenges when building socially inclusive cities?

The priority of real estate industry players is now to manage risk as new revenue streams open up, helped by new drivers including:

• Evolving new technology and human behaviour, which is transforming the nature of real estate as an investment, and as a product or service we use as consumers.

• People centricity as a key factor for growing a successful business.

• High energy prices, climate change and government regulation are already pushing sustainability up the real estate agenda

• The need for investors and owners to improve asset performance and manage the broader range of risks emerging.

Smart Cities

Global populations are moving back to the cities, putting massive pressure on urban environments to best serve this growth. Governments are investing in advances in smart transportation, LAAI, IoT, 5G connectivity and data analytics for better functioning cities and a higher quality of life.
Fueling Big Cities

Energy supply and consumption have a tremendous impact on building sustainable, clean and environmentally responsible cities. Learn from a panel of energy experts and smart city leaders on innovative ways to conserve and distribute energy in increasingly connected urban corridors.

Smart Cities, Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness/Recovery

Sensors embedded into Smart City IoT devices will do more than find you a parking spot. Connected gas sensors will improve health, reduce emissions, identify infrastructure leaks and security threats and even alert medical personnel to individual health emergencies.
Trends Reshaping the Future of Mobility and Connectivity

Disruptive trends in mobility and connectivity impact many industries. What trends should executives monitor and what are the implications? Watch as we use augmented reality to explore trends in digital customer experiences, autonomous vehicles, connected ecosystems, flying cars and more.
Advanced Technologies Enabling the Future Customer Experience

Whether buying a car or hailing a ride, people want unique customer experiences. Advancements in autonomy, connectivity, AR, VR, cloud, 5G, and other technologies can enable new kinds of experiences. Listen to panelists discuss creating customer experiences of the future.

Creating Seamlessly Integrated, Connected Mobility Operating Systems

Growth in urban corridors creates challenges such as congestion, pollution and reduced access to city services. Connected mobility systems can provide reprieve, but delivery requires collaboration across industries. Experts discuss what partnerships will enable integrated, scalable mobility systems.
Securing the Future of Mobility and Connectivity

Consumers in a connected world expect technology-enabled experiences that keep them safe, and protect their privacy and data. Shortfalls can create risk, break trust, and impact profits. How should executives think about protecting consumers and their data? What is the role of policy makers and regulation? This panel will investigate.
It Takes a Village: Building Smart Communities

It takes many public and private partners to deliver smart city solutions to benefit the economy, mobility, safety and security of citizens, infrastructure and more. We’ll take a closer look at the network of contributors to build a smart city.
Adam Greenfield – Smart Cities

Day 3 – 28th of June 2019

Financial Inclusion and Future of Banking

Financial inclusion in Lebanon
Financial services beyond banking into investment management
Re-thinking the Globally Unbanked

Privileged to Win or Pitied into Serving?
The Role of Development Funding and Aid in Driving Inclusion
Un-secret Agents: Using Lean Distribution to Reach New Customers
Hitting the Accelerator – Re-thinking the globally unbanked
Achieving Impact: Making the Shift from Access to Empowerment
Partnering for Impact

Amplifying Innovation: Government Funding and Fintech Collaboration
P-2-P: Public- Private Funding in Practice
Thinking Big: From a Few Billions to The Trillions in Funding
Re-designing Regulation

Targeting Opportunity: Using Regulation as a Force for Impact
A Global Perspective: Banking on Financial Inclusion
Shifting Currents: Innovators Speak Out

A Visible Milestone? The End of the Unbanked

Next Steps for Economic Empowernment
Round Up and Next Steps

Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets – Coping with Climate Risk

How to best close the insurance gap related to climate risk by applying new technologies, understanding the role of insurance for sustainable development, improving supply, improving supply, raising awareness of insurance, creating appropriate regulatory frameworks and better understanding of the particular needs of the low-income populations.

Brett King – Bank 4.0 and Future of banking

Day 4 - Future Generations in Business

- Investing in Tomorrow`s Leaders Today

How able to get by with just solving problems and conflicts. They will have to be able to pivot problems—to turn negative situations into advantages and opportunities.

How to be able to connect the dots between the past and the present as they look to the future.

How to look at the world through the eyes of others, especially where there are perceived differences or disagreements, and collaborate across communities. Doing so will help develop the kind of positive engagement that defuses tense situations and builds relationships.

How to be able to “fail forward”—to shift from traditional problem-solving approaches to find the value in each effort and innovation regardless of the outcome. Every experience has something to teach us when we make it less about failure and more about innovation and creativity.

- Young Generation - Convergence or Divergence

Get a glimpse of the city of tomorrow with an intergenerational discussion. What are the emerging requirements? Do the different generations agree on the key priorities for the future urban landscape?

- Roger Harrop - Business Growth - Workshop (6 hour workshop)

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