This event has passed.

Beirut Dog Walk Event September 2016

Warm up guys and join us for a nice Dog walk event on 25 of September.
1. We will be waiting for you all in front of virgin in downtown from 5:00pm till 6:00pm.
2. We will start walking from virgin at 6:00 in downtown streets and head directly to waterfront.
This walk provide your dog with positive attention from you and a chance to be with you doing something he loves. Dogs do not self-entertain. If you put your dog outside in your fenced-in yard, he will not exercise himself (unless there is another dog to play with). More likely, he will resort to boredom barking also this walk will help your dog to gain friends as you also meet new dog owners and share this great day with your dog and dog owners.

(( it will be a preparation for the national dog day ))

Also please note:
1-Every dog not socialized with people or other dogs must be muzzled
-Every aggressive dog MUST wear a muzzle
-No dog is accepted to be off leash
2-every participant must do exactly as the event administrators ask them to do
3-Group of Security professionals will cover all the event

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