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Beirut Gov Jam 2018!

The Global GovJam is a global 48 hours event which takes place simultaneously in over 30 countries around the world in which public servants use human-centered design approaches to develop innovative solutions towards challenges faced by the public sector. The volunteer-run jam is based on the spirit of experimentation, co-creation, and co-operation and was originally co-initiated by The Australian Government's Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education; by Protopartners; and by WorkPlayExperience. However, now, public servants around the world ( Dundee, Barcelona, Brazil, Vienna, ...) take part in this movement to embrace more and more service design innovation approaches into their work. And in 2018, it is time for Beirut to be the first city in the Middle East to host the Beirut Gov Jam!

The jam follows the human-centered design approach for public service design, planning and delivery, and it is based on these three pillars:

· Problem & User Research to collect information and explore the challenge, context, and people involved and make sense of patterns and actions. Methods include: Interviews, participant observation ( ethnographic research), system mapping, personas, storytelling

· Extracting opportunities to conceive and ideate new service propositions and solutions. Methods include: User Journeys, Touchpoint analysis, stakeholder maps, brainstorming techniques ( How might we )

· Prototyping and testing of the solution that fits best. Methods: Storyboard, Scenes, Paper and Digital Mockups, ..

Who can attend the Jam?
The goal of the jams in general is to get different stakeholders to work on innovative and citizen-friendly solutions. And in reality this is not limited to public servants but can also extend to students, designers, business owners and so on!

What can participants get out of the jam?
· Get to know and test service design thinking methods
· Better understand the needs of citizens through on the-spot research.
· Learn how to integrate service users and stakeholders more effectively in the project and service design
· Get exposed to the benefits of the developing prototypes and testing them with "users" before project/service implementation
· Be part of a global service design community

What do you need to do to attend the Jam?
The Jam is free of charge and open to the public but in due to the limited capacity, anyone interested in attending need to email the organizer on to secure their place and get sent information about the location!

The event wouldn't become a reality without the vision and support of the Institut Des Finances Basil Fleihan!