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BEIRUT STREET FESTIVAL – مهرجان بيروت لعروض الشارع

The Beirut Street Festival in its 11th Edition: October 2015.
Company Overview
Back in 2002, the Beirut Street Festival, in its "zero edition", took over Beirut’s alleys and main streets with vibrant theatre and art performances.

Since then, Beirut experienced ghost editions that never saw enough daylight, as well as grand ones where artists from around the globe gathered and animated Beirut’s street heart.

October 2014 edition marks the Festival 10th edition.

Whether you encounter some of these urban interventions or intend to follow our schedule, we hope that you enjoy the show, and that you keep in mind that public space is the antipode of private space, and must be free from discriminate categorisation and gentrification.

كان مهرجان بيروت لعروض الشارع في عدده "الصفر" عام ٢٠٠٢ إيذانًا ببدء تجربة العرض المسرحي والفني في أزقة وشوارع بيروت الرئيسية.

ومنذ ذلك التاريخ، على مر السنين ومن دون انقطاع، مضينا قدماً على إيقاع البلد، فتارةً أصبنا وأخرى كسبنا أجر المحاولة...

منها محاولات لم تبصر النور، ومعظمها الآخر استقطب فنانين من أنحاء العالم، واجهوا نزق المدينة وأهواءها المتقلبة، واستنبطوا أعمالهم الفنية من وحي تناقضاتها، ملامسين في الكثير من الأحيان خفاياها المليئة بالمفاجآت.

يعود المهرجان اليوم في عدده "العاشر"، حاملاً معه تباشير مرحلة مقبلة أوسع تعبيراً وتشكيلاً وتنوعاً.

فإذا كنت ماراً واصطدمت بأحد هذه العروض، توقف قليلاً واستمتع بالمشاهدة، وتذكر أن الفضاء العام هو نقيض الفضاء الخاص، ويجب ألا يكون حكراً على جنس أوعرق أو طائفة أو مذهب أو حزب أو جماعة أو طبقة إجتماعية أو أي فئة أخرى من المواطنين فهو فضاؤك وفضاء جميع الآخرين.

The Beirut Street Festival proposes to incite and restore the outdoor culture through participatory street theatre, dance and performance manifestations, in an attempt to revive the streets and their dynamics.

Its objectives are:
- To present open-space designed performances
- To introduce free of charge, high-quality events open to the grand public
- To create, for the time of the Festival, a cosmopolitan creative artistic atmosphere in the city
- To present to the Lebanese audience contemporary foreign artists and performances, hence creating a dialogue between the audience and the performers
- To participate in the development of the Lebanese cultural scene by encouraging street performances.

Friday 9 October 2015
6 pm // Horsh Beirut (during the opening of the Science Days) // « CREATURE » by József Trefeli Cie - Switzerland

Saturday 10 October 2015
10 am - 1 pm // Zico House // Dance workshop
Free registration: +961 76 700 682 –
12 pm // Souk el Tayeb (Trablous Street) // « L’EM3ALMIYE MA BADDA 3ELEM » by Rawya El Chab & Antoine Bouguier - Lebanon / France
6 pm // Beirut Souks (Trablos Street x Fakhry Bey Street) // « CREATURE » By József Trefeli Cie - Switzerland

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« CREATURE » by Compagnie József Trefeli - Switzerland
in collaboration with Pro Helvetia and the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon / Ambassade de Suisse au Liban.

Street dance performance « CREATURE » use disguise to bring tradition into the present. Inspired by the "art of recycling", costumes and accessories are made from recycled materials, reverberating on costumes used in traditional celebrations around the world. Animal skins and masks give birth to new creations with their own codes: a mix of folklore and "haute couture".

INFO ABOUT THE COMPANYJÓZSEF TREFELI CIE: József Trefeli is an award winning and internationally recognized artist. Accomplished in classical and contemporary dance, in musical comedies, in singing, in tap dancing and in traditional Hungarian dance, József creates and works in subtle and innovative way on contemporary dance and theatre performances. József Trefeli and Gyula Cserepes consider the importance of the flexibility of the space and deliberately offer a performance that gets rid of alienating convention of a frontal representation.

- - - - - - - - -

« L’EM3ALMIYE MA BADDA 3ELEM » by Antoine Bouguier & Rawya El Chab – Lebanon / France

Lebanese international businesswoman Dalal is specialized in household product sale as her success lies in the marketing of an “electro-stimulator for muscles that works without moving." She comes back to her homeland for the launch of her new creation. A product that will revolutionize your relationship with household tasks and will bring a large dose of well-being at home. She reconnects with Downtown Beirut and meets her clients. She will lead a demonstration for the sale of her merchandise at very affordable prices. Eccentric and terrifying woman, the Lebanese public should expect a performance worthy of a David Copperfield.The show deals with the status of maids in Lebanon. With humor and cynicism the two actors, Rawya El Chab and Antoine Bouguier, emphasize on this social practice and show racism, violence and dehumanization. This street show, with its ridiculous effects, runs with the sound of a synthesizer music from the 90s and mixes missed acrobatics with sarcastic texts. The two characters invite us to laugh at the daily violence around us.... And ... uhh ... anyway everyone is in the street.

The Beirut Street Festival - 11th edition is happy to invite you to its closing event


By Générik Vapeur (France) with the participation of Lebanese performers

On Saturday 31st October, at 5 pm
Corniche (departure facing old American Embassy), Ain el Mreisseh

102 Cans, 2 musicians, 15 comedians
1 technician, 1 ambulatory hour
End of an ordinary day at the Corniche.
And suddenly, a strong sound,
A number of men and women in blue...
They take the city away, embezzle
People, children, benches.
They seek a place that look like them, a pyramid, somewhere, sign of a gathering. Then trespassing it.
They vanish as they arrived in music. Rock'n'choc.

Running time: 1 hour
Show typology: ambulatory incorporating live musicians, special effects and pyrotechnics

Info about the Artists

Générik Vapeur is almost 30 years of history, journey and meetings. Générik Vapeur is a musical street theater company founded in late 1983 by Caty Avram and Pierre Berthelot / authors.

Caty AVRAM, author of imaginary landscapes in common territories. Singer in public space.

Pierre Berthelot, "Comedian of gear," he creates, plays in street theater and advocates for street arts for 30 years. The company often groups around twenty technician artists to create on a city scale.

This event is supported by the Embassy of France in Lebanon, the French Institute of Lebanon, the French Institute of Paris and the City of Marseille.

+961 3 038 796