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Berkit El-Arous, Moukhtara with We Are Hikers

This Sunday we will head to Al-Moukhtara and we will pass to have a break for swimming or relaxing under the trees near the river for the last time this Summer.

Moukhtara itself, is a nice and authentic village to visit, whereby, most of the houses are made by stones, interior roads are tight and old, and stairs with a water canal, are often a nice passage between the houses.

A major facelift is actually underway, undertaken the Municipality, in order to transform Moukhtara, into an exemplary village, totally respecting Lebanese traditions.

Our round hike will start at Al-Moukhtara, we will continue hiking to pass through Kahlouniyeh then swift the circle to pass through Ain Ani before we arrive from another area to Al-Moukhtara.

27 hikers is the maximum number for this event; the moment we get filled up, no additional places will be added. Therefore, we do not have a certain deadline, as we will stay accepting confirmations until we are filled up. To reserve, please send us a Whatsapp or Call us on 03.582084

our hiking information:

- Distance: 8km - 9km
- Hiking level Medium/Easy (4/10)
- Cumulative ascent: +50m
- Cumulative descent: -150m
- Altitude: max 700m min 600m
- time for hiking between 3:30 till 4:00 hours slow steps
- we will have approximately 6 short breaks around 3 mins each before we reach the end.

best stuff to bring with you for hiking are the following:

- Backpack
- ID Card or Passport
- Self Insurance Card (if you have one)
- Sunglasses and sunscreen
- Secondary clothes if you want to swim
- Hiking shoes
- Hiking stick if needed
- 2 liters of water
- Dried fruits or chocolate power bars for hiking that keep you warm and give you power to hike.

(we should return back to Dora at 6:30pm max if nothing un-expected happened)

- Event costs 40,000 LL for Adults.
- 5,000 LL discount for teenagers
- 5,000 LL discount per person for all 5 or more adults group
- FREE for kids below 10; but shall be with their parents.

(this includes: Pullman Transportation, Professional Guides, Entry Fee, First-Aid Kit, and Professional Photographer)
For more info, call Theo 03.582084
Or email:

(our breakfast will be at Wooden Bakery or Moulin D'or)
(our lunch will be in the nature, we will take a break for a quick lunch)

(smoking is not allowed during hiking)
(eating/drinking except water is not allowed in the Pullman)