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Comprehend the concept of procurement;
Design the process of procurement;
Select the means & methods of procurement;
Carry out contract monitoring & evaluation;
Identify the ethical considerations in procurement;
Manage efficiently the procurement process.

This is an interactive course;
Participants are expected to share their experiences in the family business by active participation throughout all parts of this training program;
Participants will be divided into appropriate teams for workshops & real cases;
Participants will be exposed to the different ideas and practices for the introduction of the appropriate policies in their family-owned businesses;
A manual will be supplied which will support development of the course by helping participants to structure the main acquired competencies.

Procurement Managers;
Purchasing Managers;
Contract Administration Managers;
Project Managers.

Introductory remarks
Fundamentals of Procurement
Roles & Responsibilities of procurement in the organization
Competencies required for procurement staff

The scope of procurement
The planning process
The interaction between the different managerial functions & the procurement
The process of procurement
The required documentation (Bidding Documents

The means & methods of procurement
Tendering procedures
Direct contracting procedure

Monitoring & evaluation
Receiving & evaluating the offers
Award of contract
Contract Management - Project Cycle Management

Ethical considerations in procurement
Formal communication between stakeholders
Managing corruption, nepotism & fraud
ISO/PAS 17001:2005 – principles & requirement for the element of impartiality
ISO/PAS 17004:2005 – principles & requirements for the element of disclosure

Concluding remarks
Optimizing the procurement function

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