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Beyrouth | Beirut Solo Photography Exhibition by Fadia Ahmad

Beyrouth | Beirut by photographer Fadia Ahmad opens on Friday September 20, 2019 at Beit Beirut and is on view through October 20, 2019. Featuring more than 90 photographs spread in the 300 sqm space, the exhibition follows Fadia’s explorations in the city of Beirut.

The exhibition features unexpected photographs of the city of Beirut, allowing viewers to discover in seven main sections the details of Fadia Ahmad’s daily routine walks that started in 2003 as she followed an itinerary of 10,452 m mirroring the area of Lebanon, 10,452 sqKm. District after district, house after house, she explores the complexity and humanity of the city and its people. Her poetic series eloquently captures the quintessential details of city life: merchants on street corners, grocers, fishermen, bathers, street artists, collapsed buildings, new construction…

Open everyday from 11am to 7pm, except Tuesdays.
T: +961 81 386 339

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