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'Biography of a head'

An Art Exhibition by Sadik Alfraji

Arranged by Mayssa Fattouh.
The exhibition contains: videos, paintings, drawings and print.

Sisyphus, Godot, you, me, the man on the street, all in one united cry... "Where is my liberty?!" Never has this question been so pressing as it is now amidst the turmoil that is sweeping the Arab world. In the exhibition "Biography Of A Head", Iraqi artist Sadik Alfraji, lay bare the human condition in a compelling and poetic depiction. Colossal paintings, drawings and poignant video projections, made for this exhibition, immerse the viewer in a contemplative and self-reflective moment that probes each to examine his world and the philosophical references in which the works are inscribed.

Torn out from his motherland for decades on, Alfraji found refuge in Holland where for the past year and a half he developed the works on view and relentlessly drew thousands of images for the animation that has inspired the title of the exhibition, here presented for the first time. "Biography Of A Head" was originally a series of woodcut prints made during the 1985 Iraq - Iran war, which the artist had tried to exhibit in 1988 in Baghdad but was rejected for political reasons. With his bold monochromatic strokes, Alfraji strives to personify universal subjects such as injustice, solitude and time in a sincere and critical expression.