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We are glad to inform you that our demo bikes (R 1200 GSA –F 800 GS-R nine T – C 650 SPORT ) will be available and ready for test ride on SAT 15 & SUN16 October in Kfardebian at FRIENDS IN.

Test rides are available for riders with valid Lebanese motorcycle driving license only. We will only allow riders with proper riding experience to test these motorcycles . We hope you will understand this as we are trying to keep everyone safe!
Each rider has to bring own riding gear as we don't currently provide riding gear . Helmet is the legal requirement, but for your own safety, we require you to come at least with long trousers and long sleeve sweatshirt or jacket. We recommend to bring proper motorcycle riding jacket, boots, gloves, back protector if you have.

Our motorcycle is covered with full comprehensive insurance with policy excess of 1500 USD , that means that in case of accident you are responsible for damage up To 1500 USD anything above is covered by insurance company. Excluded from the insurance policy is rider & passenger personal accident cover. Maximum duration of test ride is 25 minutes . Test rides are available during day light only.

How to book your test ride? Simply email us or call/SMS/WhatsApp us on 03/442349 and will be happy to schedule your test ride.

We are keeping in touch!

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