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Book Signing: Heartbeats of the Mind

Heartbeats of the Mind
by Sawsan Chawraba Kaddouh
“The heart surprises us more than the mind.” –– S. C.
Sawsan lived a wonderful life as a mother, wife, business woman and artist until a cruel form of breast cancer threw her into the battle of her life. At the peak of her despair, in the pain of chemo and repeated surgeries, she encountered an unlikely guide to see her through in the voice and music of Charles Aznavour during the sunset of his life. The beauty of his lyrics and melodies called her to the beauty of life in ways only someone in the depth of despair can experience.
Part memoir-part fantasy Heartbeats of the Mind delights readers with a poetic picture of survival through a mystical, magical world of hope and beauty readers will never want to leave. One where having conversations about life with Einstein, Thoreau, and Fatema Mernissi are as likely to occur as finding the courage to beat death and shame cancer.
“During this time in my life, love, hope, and beauty became my religion. I worshipped them, and they utterly filled my life up at every opportunity in equal measure.”
This is much more than a novel about surviving cancer. It is a fantastical philosophical ride that will not only help readers overcome their own struggles, but find a way to thrive against all odds courtesy of the wit and wisdom of a lady who has the secrets to processing pain, face life and death, and everything in between by always choosing happiness. Odds are that readers will not have a life which has been tougher than Sawsan’s. She overcame massive adversity, and stands strong, cherishing every moment, and in the process learned the secrets of what it means to be truly happy.
Her private practice focuses on helping people turn their limitless dreams into powerful realities. As a fearless cancer survivor, her strength has inspired many people to define and achieve their dreams bravely. Her artistry and skills as a artist passionately inform her work, enabling her to create unique techniques to empower people. She makes her home in Beirut, Lebanon and enjoys guiding people to confidently navigate through their inner chaos and struggles to thrive by starting to enjoy life's simplest pleasures.

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