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Boost your Happy Hormones Naturally - Online Workshop by IHL

Boost your Happy Hormones Naturally
ONLINE interactive Workshop by I Have Learned Academy
Our Hormones are messengers, trying to tell us if something is wrong in our body or mood.
We often hear about "Hormone Imbalance". They can also affect our mood and happiness level.
Do you really know your Happy Hormones?
- Endorphin
- Dopamine
- Serotonin
- Oxytocin
These 4 chemicals in the brain influence our happiness and general mood.
In this workshop you will learn:
- What are these hormones
- What is their role
- How do they affect us and what is their impact on our life and happiness level
- How to boost them naturally and without medication

Information about the trainer
Randa Farah is an HR Specialist, Organisational Psychologist,
Master NLP Practitioner.Certified Trainer from the UK,
Certified Happiness at Work Expert from Denmark,
Stress management & personal growth specialist,
Founder of I Have Learned Academy (School of Life) & (Calendar of Events) and University Instructor at USJ.
She has more than 14 years of experience in the field of HR & soft skills training and worked with big corporations in various fields and industries.
She holds 3 university degrees; Human Resources Management, Industrial Psychology and Business - Advertising & Marketing.
Randa ensures to have a rich content in her workshops, an interactive approach and encourages out of the box thinking.
Her moto is: Do what you love… Love what you do!
Tickets for the online sessions:
- Investment is only 50$ or 100 000 LL for the online group workshop (interactive session)
- Add certificate of attendance: +10$ or 20 000 LL
You can also book a one-to-one session with us.
Tickets can be booked online on Ihjoz:

And Offline from Malik's Bookshop any branch, Khoury Home.
For payments in LBP you can use this link:

Booking ahead is a must, places are limited.
Optional donations that we are collecting for families in need during Corona times are also welcomed.

Intro on Have Learned Academy:
I Have Learned Academy is a place where you can learn everything that you didn't learn at school!
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This workshop will be online from the comfort of your home. Stay home, stay safe and Corona free!
For more info about the workshop contact or 03-614493 (phone or whatsapp).

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