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Breathing Techniques & Relaxing movements for busy people
Workshop at S17 powered by I Have Learned Academy

(Free Event but Registration is a must)

Join this session at S17 to learn how (modern Saradar branch) to relax with simple tools during our busy days.

Combining Movement with breathe has many benefits:
- it acts positively on the nervous system
- helps reduce stress
- releases tension
- balances the level of energy.

This workshop will combine breathing techniques and relaxing movements for busy people in order to:
- feel less tensed
- regain their focus
- regain their clarity of mind.

Trainer profile:
Dalal Harb is a journalist, a passionate yoga teacher and fervent wellness advocate focused on helping others achieve harmonious and balanced lives. She is the founder of the Beirut Yoga
Festival, Lebanon’s largest annual wellness and yoga event and a member of the Syndicate of Yoga Teachers in Lebanon. When she is not yogiying, Dalal writes about women for women.
She managed ELLE Arabia as editor-in-chief, before owning the online magazine’s popular category, “Intimate Life & Health”. Dalal addressed Arab women with highly acclaimed articles and daring views on celebrating womanhood and embracing feminine energy.

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Free Event but Registration is a must.
Please register only if you are attending as places are limited.

About S17:
S17 is a daring and 100% unique new branch concept by Saradar Bank.
S17 is a fresh take on banking. It combines the practicality of a digital bank, the convenience of a co-working space, and the conviviality of banking advisors.

S17 is designed for tech-savvy urban customers, putting at their disposal expert support for a host of banking services, as well as digital self-service channels and all the amenities of a co-working, networking, and meeting space – including coffee and snacks.

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