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Relations is a Science with Rules and Formulas.
Marriage is a Life Project.

Every year thousands of young Ladies are entering the Marriage with great hopes and expectations and end up being part of 80% of Divorces (as statistic says).
If asked any of those couples who divorce - what were their intention when they were getting married - they would tell you - they were loving each other and wanted a happy life together till death will part them.
If the intentions are beautiful WHY 80% of divorces?!!!

BECAUSE people get married WITHOUT knowing NOTHING about this Science of Relations and About the Nature of Marriage!

They spend years to study then get a Job.
But they spend ZERO hours to learn something about such an important Project as Marriage!

Imagine a Farmer that has a field, and he was too "busy" to plant there in the Spring. So, Winter will come and the Farmer will stay Hungry, bcs his field is empty, bcs he didn't plant there anything in the Spring. This is how young ladies today enter a Marriage - with an empty field - with no "knowledge" seeds planted. So...what is their dreams and hopes based on? On illusionary expectations that HAPPINESS will be arranged by ITSELF! Bad news - it won't!

So let's plant some seeds of knowledge! :)))

I invite - to this Online Marathon - Practicum 3 categories of women:

1. Young Ladies - who are planning to get married any time, soon or not - so that they learn essential things and avoid mistakes and build a life lasting happy relation.

2. Young Ladies - who are determined NEVER to get married or who choose to live with their man without official registration of their union.

3. Divorced Ladies - who are not planning to spend the rest of their life alone, but plan to build a new Relation! BUT this time in a right way!

The Online BRIDE TO BE Practicum will last for 3 weeks (maybe more).
The participants will be given maximum knowledge related to:
1. why so far I am alone
2. do I really need to get married in order to be happy?
3. energetical power or marriage
4. how my relations with my parents affect my personal life
5.what a young lady MUST know before getting married.
6. What a young lady has to do in order to find THE ONE!

we will be doing a lot of practices which will remove the obstacles to a happy relations.
We will learn a lot of things you have never imagined about.
Daily or almost daily there will be tasks to do, things to think about, questions to answer etc
We will have online meetings - weekly seminars on essential pre -marriage moments.
Questions and Answers.
BRIDE TO BE PRACTICUM will end after 3 weeks, but we will stay in touch till you get married and further :)))))

I expect all those who join to be maximally involved, so that the results are more than expected!

The participation fee is 50$ per Bride to Be! :)

If you decide to join the Practicum, you have to do the following:
1. Pay the Fee through OMT or Western union (Receiver RADA BONDARCIUC)
2. send request to join the Group on FB where all the communication will happen!

For details call or WhatsApp 71155214 Rada Bond

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