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  • Tuesday Aug 14 2012 from 03:30 pm until 12:00 am
  • Wednesday Aug 15 2012 from 06:00 am until 08:00 pm
  • Thursday Aug 16 2012 from 07:30 am until 08:00 pm
  • Friday Aug 17 2012 from 09:00 am until 09:00 pm
  • Saturday Aug 18 2012 from 07:00 am until 08:00 pm
  • Sunday Aug 19 2012 from 09:00 am until 06:00 pm
  • Monday Aug 20 2012 from 06:00 am until 06:00 pm
  • the Heart of Lebanon
  • Sports & Outdoor, Arts & Culture, Nightlife

C.H.A.T.S. with the HEART of LEBANON

Inexhaustible Lebanon......Adventure....... Excitement.....History.....Great Tastes....Feels Fine.....Wine....Activities.....Night Life....Culture.....

Second edition of our yearly full week Summer events, discovering the heart of Lebanon, feeling it, living with it, and going back with priceless memories……..yet only leaving behind a durable green trace……..all for the sake of planting trees.

Planting trees is good, it is a must. It has become everyone’s imperative duty, but we can do it while sporting loads of fun, lots of entertainment, marvelous discoveries, enriching culture, fine food, succulent wine…………..

C.H.A.T.S. stands for

……………………or the likes………………….BUT it is not all

CHATS 2nd edition will take place Tuesday August 14, 2012 at night through Monday August 20, 2012 evening.

What are the CHATS:

It is a series of 7 events, that you can take as one package, or separately…

But what’s the most important and meaningful to our sense, are the 2 Anchor events where we will plant Cedar Trees in safe havens……

Below is a brief description for each of the events…….as for the details, they will be published as separate events on Facebook and following emails….

When, Where and What are the CHATS:

Tuesday Aug 14,2012
Beirut Night Life: Pub + Night clubbing

Wednesday Aug 15,2012
CHOUF: History + Cedar Hike + Beach Sunset

Thursday Aug 16,2012
ANCHOR EVENT at QORNET SAOUDA: ATV Adventure Ride + Cedar Planting

Friday Aug 17,2012
Jeita Cave or Paragliding Tandem + Shopping Free Time + Dining

Saturday Aug 18,2012
ASSI: Rafting Orontes+ Baalbeck Temples

Sunday Aug 19,2012
We replaced TYRE with BYBLOS both were once great cities of our Phoenician ancestors, so:
BYBLOS or a historical immersion + a day at the beach + Local Fish Lunch

Monday Aug 20,2012
ANCHOR EVENT at THE HERMON + Cedar planting + Bekaa Winery

ANCHOR EVENTS, ATV adventure Ride and the HERMON, where each of the attendees will plant Cedar Trees.
This is what makes our CHATS green, carbon free, remarkable and leaving a durable trace.

ATV and green??? We say yes! Our POLARIS friends at Helmets ON are frantically planting trees while trying to promote electrical ATVs.

Whole CHATS package Tariff is: 1750.-USD (additional 100.-USD for SOLO ATV ride), including:

Grab’n Run meal
Full Seated meal
Transport from departure point and back
Entry fees
The Trees
Contribution to SEPT (NGO) Save Energy Plant Trees

1. Programs and schedules might change according to weather conditions, practical conveniences, or force majeure.
2. Boarding and conveying to and from meeting points, can be taken care of additionally upon request.

Anything you need to know, just call Pierre @ 00961 3 836139 or email keep smiling.

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